英语口语短语句子 | Spoken English phrases and sentences

Made by Ziyang CHEN, Rocky, 陈子阳

screw Paris 去他的巴黎

So I really don’t wanna screw this one up 所以我真的不想把这个事情搞砸了

so annoying 好讨厌,太气人了

stopover 停留

That’s why “Always Exploring” is my life motto /ˈmɑːtoʊ/. I really believe in having a real personal experience instead of reading things from the news. If the news doesn’t make it explosive and eye-catching. You’re going to click away.

So I urge all of my viewers to go and see the world by yourself.

We always have been positive in life, so things are getting better.

All right my flight is boarding.

Guys it’s hilarious. I’m supposed to meet Georgia in Bali.

A rookie mistake.

but we have made a commitment to definitely see each other today

I basically got a private jet

blessing in disguise 因祸得福

quarantine 隔离

poking my nose 戳我的鼻子

These things are so fragile and rusty that I feel like the whole floor might crumble if I start jumping 很脆弱而且生锈了, 感觉我只要一跳 整层楼都会塌下来

Boys will be boys 男孩本色,男人的快乐就是这么简单

Don’t let these buildings fool you

The two girls we spoke with, they look quintessentially(typical) Hungarian, Like blue eyes, blonde hair与我们交谈的两个女孩,她们看起来是典型的匈牙利人 蓝眼睛 金头发

So comforting 很治愈

Like a baby’s cheek, so soft 好像婴儿的脸颊一样, 超粉嫩

Hungarian food is heavy 匈牙利菜分量好重呀

It’s like sort of warmish as well 而且好像還暖暖的 No, it’s 应该是尿吧

First one to get off the plane 第一个下飞机的

In the time span of 在多久时间内

So never mind 算了

It’s quite nerve-racking 还蛮令人紧张的

Do you guys notice that I’ve got so tanned Since I got to South Africa你们有发现我来到南非晒黑了吗

I have been walking up and down for an hour right now 我在这儿来来回回,大概一个小时

I can feel like I’m getting burned 我感觉快要晒伤了

“You are 10 out of 10” 你简直是满分

Is that a compliment to me? 这是在夸我吗

I’ll walk him through a model that I just built this week 我将带领他参观我本周刚刚建造的一个模型

Hopefully it goes well 希望一切顺利

That went much better than I thought 这比我想象的要顺利得多

He didn’t give me a hard time at all 他一点也没难为我

In fact, he offered a lot of constructive suggestions that I can really feed on 事实上,他提供了很多建设性的建议,我真的可以借鉴

SO… Many of you applauded me for using a thermal bottle to drink hot water in the office 对了,上次很多人都夸我在办公室用保温杯喝热水

I hate to break the spell on this one 我很不想做让人幻灭的事

but I might have to disappoint you 但是这次,我可能要让你失望了

Pun intended, in both cases 这两处都是双关,我故意的

Lunch time. We’re gonna go downstairs to grab a bite. 午餐时间。我们要下楼去吃点东西。

It’s some steak over rice. 这个是牛扒盖饭

The food cart 食品推车

broccoli 西兰花

We’re about to jump on another call


I’ll make a note of that 我会记下来的

I am signing off work now. 我现在要下班了

It’s been a long day. 漫长的一天

but I got a lot of stuff done 但我完成了很多事情。

You gotta do what you gotta do. 该干嘛干嘛

Today I want to talk about how to elevate your English speaking to a close to native level


It’s not gonna be a tremendous amount of redo, in terms of workload


Here’s a clip of the 17-year-old me speaking English a year before I went abroad


cringe alert 尴尬预警

by practicing faithfully the four strategies that I’m about to share with you


You’re gonna be talking at least as 900d as that 17-year-old kid.


speaking their minds out 大声说出他们的想法

Hey what are we having for dinner? 嘿,我们晚餐吃什么?

Come on, dawg, live a little. We’ll worry about that next time

Come on 对自己好一点 我们下次再担心这个问题

Let’s face it, vocalize or not, you’re wired to have these thoughts going on in your head anyways 所以 不管出不出声 你脑子里都会有这些想法

It doesn’t bother nobody. 谁也不影响

Just to flirt with the girl he’s hitting on? 就为了去撩他看上的那个?

Dude, that is such an obnoxious display of class 这也太没品了吧

He’s totally a womanizer in real Iife 这人生活中肯定是个海王

shadow a native speaker 跟读母语者

which I think is something that us non-native speakers struggle the most with


or something that’s dragging your feet 或者是拖后腿的东西

so we’re now heading to 旺角. 我们现在去旺角

英语口语短语句子 | Spoken English phrases and sentences
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July 13, 2023
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